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Why use SE?

Instead of us telling you why our customers love the software, we thought it would be better if we just let them tell you:

"Showroom Exchange played a major role in the expansion of our distribution. Their attention to analytics that apply directly to our business are excellent."

Findings - Los Angeles CA

"Showroom Exchange takes reps and showrooms to another level. This system is made specifically for our industry and is the best tool to truly own and maximize our data. With showroom exchange we are able to service our clients in an organized and efficient manner. Equally important, it allows us to manage our brands and track sales and commissions as accurately as THEY can. This is by far the best investment I have made as a rep and has given me the control I need to make informed decisions based on my specific showroom data."

Sandra Martinez
InPlay Showroom - Los Angeles CA

David Perlman
Perlman Apparel Agency - SF CA

"Showroom Exchange
is the bomb! We have used SE for 3 years and it is worth 10x more than we pay and gives us an unfair advantage in this touch economy. I wouldn't have been able to expand without it. The PerlmanRep agency LOVES SE!!!"